Anchor House, Inc

Emergency Homeless Shelter

Anchor House is currently an emergency homeless shelter for families with children. It is an 8-week program designed to help families connect to resources while educating them on financial stability, nutrition, and parenting. Anchor House is for Jackson County residence.

Homeless Assistance

The Salvation Army Service Extension of Jackson County

Emergency Lodging

As funding is available, The Salvation Army can assist with a one-night motel stay.

Monday - Thursday
Homeless Assistance

Turning Point

Emergency Shelter for Victims of Domestic Violence

Please call 800-221-6311 for hours of operation.
Homeless Assistance

Human Services, Inc.

Homeless Prevention - Rapid Rehousing and Prevention Program

Rapid Re-housing and Prevention is a program for homeless individuals and families. The program consists of two forms of assistance, coaching and financial assistance. Coaching includes, but is not limited to, goal setting, budgeting, referrals, etc. Coaching assists participants to move forward towards stability. Participants MUST be willing to work towards their goals and work within the program. The financial assistance can come in the form of rent and utility deposits, arrears on rent or utilities, and partial rent assistance. Financial assistance is dependent upon participation in the coaching process. Participants MAY receive assistance anywhere from one month up to one year. This will be based on individual need and the need is determined on a month to month basis.

Monday - Thursday
Homeless Assistance