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Housing Assistance

Human Services, Inc.

Housing Choice Voucher - Section 8

The Housing Choice Voucher Program comprises the majority of the Indiana Housing and Community Development Authority's Section 8 rental assistance programs. IHCDA administered vouchers help approximately 4,000 families’ pay their rent each month. Eligibility for the Housing Choice Voucher program is based on a family's household income. The voucher covers a portion of the rent and the tenant is expected to pay the balance. The tenants’ share is an affordable percentage of their income and is generally calculated between 30 to 40 percent of their monthly-adjusted gross income for rent and utilities. The HCV program services are provided by Local Subcontracting Agencies throughout the state of Indiana. The beautiful part about the HCV program is the portability a participant has with their voucher. Unlike public housing, the voucher program allows the participant to move. The voucher is "attached” to the participant not a particular housing project or government funded building. Participants are afforded the luxury of seeking a home suitable to their needs, as long as it passes our Housing Quality Standards Inspection. We do keep a waiting list of persons wishing to receive program assistance. As vacancies within the program become available we contact the person on the top of the list. At that time we will determine whether they qualify for assistance, are still in need of assistance, or are no longer eligible or interested in our services. There are undetermined times within a year when we will advertise the waiting list as being "Open”. We will publicize in all the local media outlets to ensure that anyone interested knows of the application time and place. Once we have placed a person on the waiting list, it is up to that individual to keep our office updated as to any changes that may occur within their household. This ensures that we can readily contact you when it is time for your interview and possible placement. Program Director: Nicole McCarter Email: Phone: 812-372-8407 Ext. 233 Fax: 812-378-4812

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Housing Assistance

The Salvation Army Service Extension of Jackson County

Rent/Mortgage Assistance

As funding is available, The Salvation Army can assist with a portion of rent/mortgage (amount is based on available funding). This excludes security deposits. Participant must pay the difference before assistance can be given in order to guarantee 30 days of service with our funding.

Monday - Thursday
Housing Assistance